Powder Coat versus Wet Coat?

Powder Coat

  • Pro- Durable, good color retention. Life-span- 1 yr to unsure. Applied electrostatically.
  • Con- If the paint fails you have to take the product back to the powder coat company.  They must sand blast off all the paint and start over.  The removal and reinstall is not covered under warranty. Applied in powder form and does not like sharp corner or cracks and crevices.
  • Can you repaint powder coat? Yes, you must sand the surface to create a profile for the paint to stick, clean surface and paint. Wet coat might not weather the same as the powder coat.

Wet Coat (Oil Primer) and Oil Base Top Coat

  • Pro-Durable, Can be lightly sand and repaint on site.  Oil paint is cleaned up with thinner. Life-span 5-15 years.
  • Con- Paint has a tendency to fade with ultraviolet light of the sun.  Touch up can appear a different color until the sun fades it out.

Wet Coat (Oil Primer) and Water Base Top Coat

  • Pro-Durable, Can be lightly sanded and repaint on site.  Water base is cleaned up with water.  Paint will not fade in the sun.  Life-span 5-20 years.
  • Con- Less durable on a hand rail with extensive use.


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